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Cheap Tropical Destinations

If your heart is set on a tropical location but you don’t want to pay $700+ per night, there are still ways of getting what you want. Some island vacations cost so much primarily because they are hot spots for tourists. There are many budget destinations that have beautiful resorts and all the dreamy surroundings. If flying from the US, most of these cheap locations can make for a fabulous & inexpensive getaway!


Florida is an inexpensive and popular romantic location. Don’t hassle with having to get a passport or travel abroad! Enjoy being secluded on a beach in the keys or head to South Beach, Miami for a partying atmosphere. There are many hotels and resorts to choose from that have great rates. Travel during the summer time and get off-season pricing.


Take a short flight to Mexico from the US after your long days of wedding planning – forget those 10 hr+ flights! Mexico has a large assortment of top-notch resorts, many at very reasonable prices. With many locations to choose from around Mexico, you can pick the one that fits your style, with great food, entertainment and scenery.


Do you want a romantic adventure, out of the norm, but with beautiful beaches and an exotic twist? Thailand’s resorts are affordable and spectacular. The flight is a little longer, but the deals are immeasurable.


Jamaica has a resort to match just about anyone’s criteria. Whatever your style, choose an affordable resort that meets your needs. There is so much to do in Jamaica, including water sports, shopping, golf and sightseeing… or just hang out on the beautiful beaches and relax in the sun.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is often overlooked as an ideal location, but there is a lot offered for much more reasonable prices then most of the smaller islands in the Caribbean. You will find large and small resorts on the sandy, white beaches to create the perfect memories.

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