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Romantic Getaways to Europe

by Leah Wensink

A European honeymoon or romantic trip is a wonderful choice for many couples because it pleases all types of personalities and styles. In Europe, you can smell fresh roses in bloom as you stroll castle grounds with your new spouse. You can find adventure and feel the wind in your hair as mountains peak around you. You can party all night while flamenco dancing, and watch the sun come up. Or, you can just relax and appreciate the time you have as a newly married couple.

So you want to go to Europe, but what to do? Are you looking for castles? Adventure? Beaches? Nightlife? Find it all in Europe. A romantic trip to Europe is flexible for any pocketbook.


If you are going to be a princess on your wedding day, why stop there? Truly give yourself the royal treatment. Europe allows you and your partner to truly indulge. Castles are plentiful in Europe, and provide old world charm and luxury not often found in the US.

France is home to a multitude of castles that are magnificent, majestic, but more importantly, manageable for any budget. The Loire Valley, located about an hour’s train ride from Paris, is home to many castles, including one 14th Century French Chateau featured on TV’s “Joe Millionaire,” and it doesn’t cost more than an average hotel night stay. Walk hand-in-hand through the Chateau’s gardens together, explore the countryside and wineries and feel the tension of the real world melt away. You want a fairy tale wedding, so extend your wedding into a fairy tale honeymoon.

Backpacking Adventure

Are the two of you looking for some adventure in Europe? Backpacking is an efficient way to get the most bang for your buck, giving you the freedom and mobility to see multiple countries and cities. All you need is your plane ticket, a Eurail pass and a hefty backpack and you are ready to go.

Start your adventure in Paris. There is so much to see and do, but start your tour with some action. Get your day’s exercise and see the Eiffel Tower one step at a time – you’ll pay less money to get in, and see incredible views not afforded by the elevator.

Join a bike tour in the Tuscany region of Italy. Witness rolling hills, old stone homes and rows of grapes growing in the distance while the wind breezes through your hair.

Strap on your adrenaline, and head to Interlaken, Switzerland, for a day or of extreme action. Take your pick of canyoning, paragliding or hiking. Feel the crisp Alpine air as you soar above breathtaking scenery.


Is all of this action and adventure stressing you out? Then it’s time for you and your new hubby to relax and stir up some romance. A European beach getaway is a great way to spend your first days of newlywed bliss.

If you enjoy romance and romance languages, head to Ibiza, Spain, and enjoy a combination of laid back island life with a swanky atmosphere. After a long day of lying by the clear waters and sunbathing, Ibiza promises a first-class night scene. With its bars and clubs, you could choose to play out all night long, or just stay in.

If you’re looking to slow down completely on your vacation, opt for the fishing village of Cinque Terre. Perfect for newlyweds seeking a quiet Italian beach getaway, Cinque Terre is host to beautiful beaches, but more importantly a slow pace of life. Romantic couples are drawn back time and again so they can take long walks on the beach, and truly enjoy each other’s company.


Maybe action sounds good, but your idea of adventure lies in the nightlife of the city. Europe is full of varied forms of nightlife. Whether you two like to dance, hit the bars or find the bizarre, you will find your perfect European vacation full of nightlife.

For the ultimate nighttime action, Barcelona is a can’t miss. With most hot spots at their peak at 2 a.m., you’ll find yourself out until the sun comes up! Stroll Las Ramblas – the city’s main drag – and find clubs galore. Feel the Spanish lifestyle and rhythm as you drink and dance the night away. If you can wake up the next morning, the city promises a variety of culture full of museums and interesting architecture as well.

Amsterdam is another city with hot nightlife. Take a wine-and-cheese night canal tour to get the evening started, and then venture out into the city. With Amsterdam’s bizarre variety of bars, you’re sure to enjoy the evening, and if you’re feeling very brave, check out the Red Light District for a glimpse into the underbelly of Amsterdam. The Red Light District is Amsterdam’s area devoted to adult pleasures. Many visitors simply stroll the streets for mere curiosity, but it promises to be an exciting street for those who dare to pass through.


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