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Romantic Guide to Mexico

Mexico Romantic Getaways

Mexico is a special place for romance! Although most couples go for its many gorgeous beaches, Mexico has variety and is also one of the most affordable honeymoon destinations. Outside of hurricane season, it has very pleasant, mostly sunny days.

Where to go in Mexico?

The Yucatan boasts the playground of Cancun and the islands of Cozumel on Mexico’s gulf side. Close by are the ruins of Chichen Itza and Tulum. Chichen Itza is a 2-hour ride from Cancun. Mayaland Hotel & bungalows are nearby and accommodations are available in Merida about 75 miles (120 km) from Chichen Itza. You will find great scuba and snorkeling along its renowned barrier reef or just soak up rays and indulge in water sports. Resorts are varied in price, many all-inclusives and the nightlife is a plus for newlyweds that like to get out and dance or socialize.

Not far south is Oaxaca, known for its fabulous coastline and great surfing. Travel by rail along the Maya route through the states of Yucatan, Campeche, Chiapas, and Tabasco in Mexico's southern region. Enjoy walking, riding trains and exploring the wonders of the ancient world on this impressive 8-day trip.

Stretching from Mazatlan to Acapulco on the Pacific Ocean, the Mexican Riviera offers a great variety of scenery, accommodations and activity for newlyweds. Snorkel, surf and sail the beautiful beaches and waters. Great resort values are available in Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, with a mixture of golden beaches and green lush mountains. Enjoy land and water activities, good local cuisine, and a growing approach to eco preservation. The Mexican Gold Coast is a good honeymoon destination for couples who like to party. Acapulco is one of the biggest party capitals of the world. Still, lonely pristine beaches are to be found for romantic couples. If you need to get away from all that hustle and bustle, side trips to small Mexican villages offer a relaxing and interesting look at local life and culture.

Cabo San Lucas, at the end of the California Peninsula, is another Mexican playground growing in popularity with newlyweds. Activities include beach, surf, underwater activities, horseback riding, great golf, whale watching, excellent deep-sea fishing, excursions to local places of interest, and romantic sunset cruises. We suggest however that you avoid the spring break season, as Cabo can become a nightmare of very loud and heavily imbibing students.

Another place worthy of a visit by anyone at anytime is Copper Canyon which is seen via train. Taken normally by 4-7 day tours, this entire area and experience are amazing. For more information, go to Copper Canyon.

Affordable Mexico

Mexico’s affordability index is high. It is really more a matter of where you stay than geographic location. Some of the more competitive areas like Cancun offer great affordable hotels. Research the hotels well, sometimes the cheaper hotels have problems with food quality, which can make for a sick honeymoon. Do your homework!

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