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High and Low Tourist Seasons

Be aware of the tourist seasons of your destination. You may enjoy the big crowds and want the company, but if your ideal is to have less crowds with locals wondering about, stay away from peak tourist seasons. The down side is that the tourist seasons are usually in the months with the best local weather. You can get around this by choosing a time right before or right after the highest peak season times.

Off-Season Pros

  • Lower airline fares
  • Lower resort and hotel nightly rates, or discounted packages
  • Less crowds
  • Discounted train fare
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • More personal care from hotels, restaurants and attractions
  • Secluded locations for romantic opportunities
  • Possible honeymoon upgrades to nicer resort rooms

Off-Season Cons

  • Moderate or poor weather
  • Less entertainment available - some theater performances, festivals or attractions close during low seasons. (Visit local websites for listing of available entertainment in off-seasons)
  • Shortened hours – especially for museums
  • Construction – renovation of areas to prepare for peak season (Ask hotels about any construction that will be going on)

Peak Season Pros

  • Great weather
  • More entertainment available
  • Longer business hours
  • More social activities

Peak Season Cons

  • Higher prices on everything: air, train, resorts, hotels, merchandise…
  • Crowds (If you plan to travel at peak seasons, arrange attractions early so performances or events aren’t sold out)

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