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Q&A: Is it rude to push my honeymoon registry?

Q. My wedding is less than 2 months away and only one gift has been purchased from our honeymoon registry. I thought people would buy us gifts from the registry, since I had my family tell friends and relatives about it. Yet, hardly anyone is using it, and I don't want to start our marriage paying off the bill. How can I promote the registry without being rude?

A.This is a concern of a lot of couples who use honeymoon registries. One important thing to remember is that a lot of people don't buy presents until the last minute. Being 2 months out, you will probably get many more gifts from the registry, but it is also a good idea to remind your bridal party and family about the importance of the honeymoon registry. Many guests purchase gifts once they receive the invitation. Also, in the next month, guests will also ask you directly where you are registered, whether in person, via email or telephone. If you really want to press your honeymoon registry, only mention that one, or mention it first. If it is in an email, email them the link to your registry so that it is easy for them to find. This won't be considered rude since your guest came to you with the question.

If you have planned a honeymoon that you can't afford, you may want to look for ideas to save money. Talk to your travel agent or look online at your destination to find ways to cut corners. If you booked your hotel, see how long you have to cancel and see if there are other affordable options that you would enjoy. Your honeymoon is the last place you want to be skimpy, but if you planned your honeymoon with hopes of guests paying a big chunk of the cost, you also need to be practical and prepare ahead.

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