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Honeymoon Planning Timeline: Month by Month

Planning a honeymoon is not like planning any other vacation. Not only is this a very special vacation, but it is also being planned in the shadow of your very important wedding. Many couples give excessive thought to the weddings, that while the honeymoon gets booked, it is not meticulously thought through. Yet, when a couple arrives on their honeymoon, they want it to be perfect, just like their wedding.

This month by month planning timeline is to help get all the details arranged. It will keep you on track with your honeymoon plans, while your wedding plans are coming together. Just keep checking in to see what you need to do next. There is not need to stress out over your honeymoon. We start with 6-9 months out, but if you are starting even earlier, you will have an advantage over finding exactly what you want. Plus, deals are usually greater the further out you book.

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