LuvTrip Romantic Getaways

Romantic Packing List

Whether on your honeymoon, anniversary, getting away from the kids or just quick weekend trip, make it extra special with some sultry treats!

Sexy Lingerie Bring your favorite pieces to slip into while relaxing in your resort room. Take several along to add new flavor each day.

Silk Boxers Men hardly take the time out to buy something sexy for themselves, so use this vacation as an opportunity to get some fun boxers or sexy briefs.

Massage Oil There are always reasons to get a massage! Bring your own oil to make it more intimate. What's better than getting a more sensual massage from the person you love?

Tea Light Candles Get in the romantic mood with a candle-lit room. Tea light candles are easy to pack and do the job. Flameless ones are another option if you don't like lit candles in a hotel room. Bring just a few or dozens, either amount will create the perfect ambiance.

Linen Mist Spray Bring your favorite linen spray to refresh the mood in your resort room.

Fake Rose Petals If you can get real rose petals at your location, then by all means, have them sprinkled about. If not, fake rose petals have a pleasant rose smell and make the mood without the mess, especially effective with candle lighting.

Champagne or Wine Have a glass of champagne or wine while enjoying your time together. See if your room offers this complimentary, if not, bring a couple bottles along or buy them at a local store.

Chocolates Nothing brings about a romantic mood more than chocolate! Indulge, this is your vacation! If you're a huge fan, buy some chocolate body paint and let your inner artist come out.

Bubble Bath Bring your favorite scent since this will add fragrance to your whole room and your bodies. The more the better!

Music Whether this be CDs or your IPod, bring your favorite music that is unique to your relationship. If you want a tropical melody, bring some ocean tracks or open the windows to hear the real thing.

Back Massager This will add a little extra pressure to relieve those stress points.

Bath Oils These add great fragrance to the bath as well as make your skin so soft after the bath.

Loofah Sponge This adds a little touch when bathing together.

Feather Tickler Nothing is more fun and sensual than a feather tickler to lighten the mood at the same time as making you both relax.

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