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How to find the best airfare prices

Airfare is often one of the most expensive parts of any vacation budget. Shop around online to find out what average fares cost to your destination and then call the airline directly to get their lowest fares or current specials. Sometimes leaving at a certain time of day or certain day of the week can save you money and that can be hard to determine online.

Book early! Most airfare does not get better with time. Some last minute deals are possible but you may have to be more flexible with dates or destinations. If you are set on a certain destination and time of travel, you will most likely get the better deal if you book far ahead of time.

Don't forget about deals with miles. If you have time before you go, get a miles card and start saving those points!

Here is a list of airlines, with links to their webpages and phone numbers for your convenience:

These airlines are listed for your convenience to help you find the best rates, airfare and honeymoon packages available.

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