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Vacation Budget Worksheet and Tips

Unless your funds are substantial, setting a vacation budget is a smart idea. Even if you're planning on an expensive trip, it is good to set a financial figure to your plans. If money is tight, this is imperative. This will keep If you already have a destination in mind, do research to find out how much average expenses are for that location. If you’re going from LA to Fiji, find out the average price of airfare, excursions, food and resorts.

This worksheet will help you determine how much money you need and how much money you can afford to spend on certain items. There may be a wide range of resorts to choose from, so you need to determine the range you should be considering. Don’t waste your time looking into resorts that are 2 or 3 times what you can spend. Check out our money-saving tips below to see other ways of saving cash and getting the most out of your honeymoon.

Money Saving Tips


If possible, look for and consider locations with lower off-season rates.

Frequent flyer miles, hotel points, car rental points, cruise points, time-shares, AAA.

Ask around. Family members may have some points they would give you to reduce your honeymoon costs. That could be their gift to you for your wedding!

All-inclusive or not?

You can often save money at all-inclusive resorts, but check out what is included. Most packages include your food, beverages and some activities, but these can vary widely. Also, if you drink alcohol, find out how much is included. Some resorts limit the types of drinks they offer for free, so you may have a limited selection of beer, wine or cocktails. If you are a food connoisseur, you probably will be disappointed, since selections are limited, often cafeteria style with group seating. Regardless of where you stay, consider bringing along some bottles of wine or buying locally.


Look on discount airfare websites or hotel sites. Sometimes you can find great deals. Some allow you to bid a price which can be significantly below advertised prices. Also, check out what resorts offer the best free amenities or little perks for being honeymooners.

Credit or not?

If buying from a travel agent, you may not have to pay all upfront. You can make monthly payments and have it paid off a couple months before you leave. If you charge the honeymoon to your credit card, you’ll have to pay interest, so keep that in mind. You may end up paying more for your honeymoon then if you saved the money before you booked. Who wants to return from their honeymoon and have to make payments on it!!


If you will need special types of clothes for your vacation, ask your friends to borrow a nice cocktail dress, formal blazer, or cute skiing outfit. Don’t go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe for your honeymoon. If you do need a few clothing items, shop around and maybe head to an outlet mall.


If you don’t have luggage already, borrow it from friends or family. You could also register for it, letting a few key people know that it is something you need for your honeymoon.

Pet care

If you have any out of town guests, family, or friends that would love to crash at your place while you’re away, this would be a nice retreat for them and a way for you to have someone watch your animal(s) without accruing expense. Leave them a couple bottles of wine and enjoy your vacation knowing that your pets are safe, your possessions are secured and your mail / newspaper will be brought in each day.

Honeymoon registries

are a great way to have some dinners or excursions paid for by your guests. This is a nice way for you to save money but still have an exquisite time.


Food can get very expensive on vacation. Packing a small bag full of wine, gourmet coffee and creamers, snack mix, candy, nuts or whatever munch food you might like around while you’re relaxing in your hotel room or by the pool. This could save a lot of money from room service or snack food and let you splurge on nice dinners.

Phone calls

Stay away from hotel phones. They will charge you exorbitant fees. Try sending a quick email to your friends or family to let them know you made it safe. After that, there isn’t much need to speak to anyone but each other!! If you must call, buy a prepaid phone card for a minimal price.


Shopping is unique to each couple. You will probably want to buy something from your honeymoon to remember this fabulous moment. Instead of buying a bunch of things that you probably will want to throw away within a year, look for a piece of art or something for your house that may cost a little more but you will want to keep forever.

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