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Anniversary Gifts By Year: 1st - 15th Anniversaries

1st Anniversary- Traditional: Paper - Modern: Plastic / Clocks.

Anniversary Destination: Germany. Spend your first anniversary hunting for a special clock in the country that is known for making clocks. Check out cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks and many more on the Germany Clock Route. It will be a magical adventure and you will return with a memorable addition to your home.

2nd Anniversary- Traditional: Cotton - Modern: Cotton / China.

Anniversary Destination: Memphis. A trip to Tennesee is the perfect vacation to check out how cotton is manufactured. Check out the Memphis Cotton Exchange to learn the history and find out the modern ways of cotton production. Don't forget to stop by the gift shop for a little anniversary souvenir. For more ambitious couples, an anniversary vacation to China is another fantastic way to celebrate!

3rd Anniversary- Traditional: Leather - Modern: Crystal / Glass.

Anniversary Destination: Waterford, UK. For crystal lovers, this is the perfect anniversary getaway. You can tour the factory and shop to your hearts content.

4th Anniversary- Traditional: Fruit or Flowers - Modern: Linen, Silk, Nylon.

Anniversary Destination: Hawaii. Spend an entire vacation surrounded by beautiful flowers and feasting on some of the most succulent fruit. This is an anniversary trip that will leave your senses gratified.

5th Anniversary- Traditional: Wood - Modern: Silverware.

Anniversary Destination: Redwood Coast, California. Explore the Avenue of the Giants. Walk hand-in-hand through these stunning forests and enjoy a romantic anniversary.

6th Anniversary- Traditional: Candy - Modern: Iron / Wood.

Anniversary Destination: Hershey, Pennsylvania. Visit the Sweetest Place on Earth! There are many attractions that offer sweet treats. This is also a great place to bring the kids, if you're going on a family anniversary trip! For a little more lavish getaways, head to Belgium or Switzerland for some of the best chocolates in the world.

7th Anniversary- Traditional: Copper and Wool - Modern: Brass.

Anniversary Destination: Australia. With all there is to do in Australia, make a stop in Geelong at the National Wool Museum. A shearing demonstration is well worth it to celebrate the year of wool! Plus, the shop has plenty to fill your souvenir bags.

8th Anniversary- Traditional: Bronze - Modern: Pottery / Linen.

Anniversary Destination: Sedona, Arizona Enjoy the beauty of the Red Rocks and the energy of the "vortexes" for an amazing anniversary. You will find art galleries that have your selection of broze artwork and pottery. More on Sedona >

9th Anniversary- Traditional: Pottery - Modern: Willow / Leather.

10th Anniversary- Traditional: Tin - Modern: Aluminum / Diamond.

11th Anniversary- Traditional: Steel - Modern: Jewelry.

12th Anniversary- Traditional: Silk - Modern: Linen / Pearl.

13th Anniversary- Traditional: Lace - Modern: Textiles / Faux Fur.

14th Anniversary- Traditional: Ivory - Modern: Gold.

15th Anniversary- Traditional: Crystal - Modern: Glass / Watches.

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