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Romance on the Seven Seas: Guide to Romantic Cruises

Being at sea is a great way to spend a romantic vacation. There's nothing like a cruise to de-stress from the chaos of life. Almost everything is taken care of for you. Just relax and sail the open seas! Make sure you pick the best cruise for your style, preferences and budget. All cruise ships are not the same in food service, cabin quality, expenses, entertainment and type of crowd. Although cruises have gotten a bad reputation for being "party ships," this isn't necessarily true. It really depends on the cruise line. So do your research!!

Luxury liners are a huge trend for high class travel. Other cruise ships offer great packages that are affordable. If you're planning a honeymoon or special occasion, a registry can be a great way to afford extra perks, like excursions or upgrades. A lot of the high scale ships include things like Champagne and flowers that are extra expenses on cheaper lines. But there is much to be said about an inexpensive cruise from a local port - it's a great way to save on airfare!

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