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Is a Destination Wedding for you?

Here are some things to consider if thinking about marrying away from home:

Small or large wedding?

Most destination weddings tend to be smaller than the grand scale weddings people have at home. If you would like a large wedding, do you think most of your guests can afford to pay for a destination wedding? Consider also the time some people would have to take off work. If you would like a large destination wedding, try giving your guests a lot of notice, possibly a year or more. This could give them the time to prepare finances and take time off work. Also, pick a destination that your guests would love to stay for a vacation. Destination weddings don't have to be a flight away, you can also find an awesome destination within a couple hours drive of your home. If you do decide on a location further away, it may be hard for some of your friends and family to fly or drive longer distances to your wedding. This may mean a smaller guest list. If you want to keep your wedding intimate and only your close friends and family, this is a great option to easily cut guests without insulting them.

Less money spent

Resorts offer great deals on weddings! Many hotels offer a free standard wedding ceremony with a certain amount of rooms booked. You many not have as many options when it comes to the details of the wedding, but can add some special additions that are important to you. For those who have the lavish destination weddings, those are also

Legal matters

It is very important to find out the legal issues associated with marrying at your destination. You may have to arrive earlier then you prefer for some destinations to make it legal. Others require a certain length of stay. Some destinations make it very simple, like arriving the day before the wedding, so do the research. If there are odd requirements that you can't meet but love a certain destination, you may also prefer doing a simple courthouse wedding right before leaving for the wedding. They can perform the wedding ceremoney with the legal mess. Depending on your personalities, this may take away some of the excitement of sharing your first vows and kiss with your loved ones. If you don't want to deal with any foreign legal troubles, you can pick a destintion within your country. For US citizens, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands are amazing tropical wedding solutions!

Ready for the Honeymoon

No long plane trips after the wedding is finished! Choose a destination that is also the perfect spot for a dream honeymoon. Your guests may stick around for a vacation after the wedding, so consider switching hotels after the wedding for a little extra privacy. Some couples love to hang out with friends and family the whole time. Just make sure you schedule some alone time!

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